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As a rule of thumb, generally speaking, most flow blue was produced from about 1830 up to about 1915. Myott & Sons produced Crumlin and Monarch patterns up to 1925-1930; Royal Doulton produced Melrose up to 1940-1945 and Fairy Villas III was produced up to 1930 by W. This is just to name several finds throughout my collecting days.Generally most flow blue ceased production due to limited cobalt supplies during World War I.These patterns were so popular that potteries produced them into circa 1900.Of course the early patterns were produced on an ironstone medium whereas the later ones were produced on a semi-porcelain medium.As for superiority and popularity, Crumlin with its attractive butterfly border outdoes Monarch any day.Note that I have emphasized the late Art Nouveau-Edwardian floral flow blue semi-porcelain category simply because in today's market, there is a greater abundance of semi-porcelain floral flow blue than the earlier ironstone floral flow blues.It goes hand-in-hand with the avidly collected Spongeware or commonly known in Quebec as Port Neuf.

The Top Ten Most Desirable Late Art Nouveau-Edwardian Semi-Porcelain Patterns in the Floral Category are: Let us not forget our two favorite Canadian imported Late Art Nouveau or Edwardian Floral patterns: Crumlin and Monarch by Myott & Sons.

This process of combining multi-color is called polychrome.

The Process Of Brush Stroke is a fast rustic outline of the pattern on the bisque which is then painted by quick brush strokes that are filled in by hand and sometimes aided with other utensils.

The Top Ten Most Desirable Ironstone Floral Flow Blue Patterns are: (D) Brush Stroke Category: This kind of flow blue is somewhat naive in nature.

This technique other than the Transfer Printed Flow Blue, is another process that is known as Brush Stroke Flow Blue.

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Brush Stroke Flow Blue is basically hand painted flow or flowing blue.

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