Dating the enemy 3 of 6 03 june 2016 pdtv

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Dating the enemy 3 of 6 03 june 2016 pdtv

He spouted off some influenza propaganda, and I knew things would get ugly if I carried on the conversation.

He knew that I believed my son was vaccine injured, and he believed autism is genetic.

For those who don’t know me or my background, I’m a divorced mom of two boys, 19 and 16, one with autism.

I’ve divorced their dad twice actually, the last time was two and a half years ago.

I was blind, and my son’s regression into autism opened my eyes on both issues.

My son with autism is 19; I figured out the vaccine connection to autism when he was four and stopped vaccinating his brother at 18 months, and I figured out the diet piece when he was five.

So, yeah, I have spent way more time studying these subjects than my ex ever did in med school 30 years ago.I soon discovered that there were two subjects that we had very different opinions about, vaccines and food.Normally, I would be scared to date a mainstream doctor, because of what happened to my son.It was a nice escape from my busy life as a single autism mom who teaches Pilates all day, six days a week, to take care of my family.Though we both started to have feelings for each other, there were some issues.

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On our first date sparks flew, and at the end of the night we discovered through our conversation that we had already met. Feelgood, not because he was a drug dealer per the Mötley Crüe song lyrics, but for the more obvious reason.

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