Dynamic software updating java

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Dynamic software updating java

I first got started with Java server programming back in 1999--it was so exciting, I actually wrote a few books about it. I thought it was a nice "in-between" language in that it was object oriented without having to be fanatical about it.

It was also low level enough to be close to hardware, but no so low level that you had to do everything manually.

AOTES bridges the gap by abstracting the old state of an object to a history of method invocations, and re-invoking the new version of all methods in the history to get the desired new state.

It provides a ton of power and is the beating heart of monster sites like Word Press and Facebook.

Finally, we conclude by discussing the implication of integrating the dynamic updating model of Gosh! The successful integration of these two systems will set a new standard for dynamic software updating in Java.

Larry Kim is the CEO of Mobile Monkey, a chatbot building platform for marketers that enables mobile messaging between businesses and customers via Facebook Messenger.

Dynamic software updating (DSU) is a technique to upgrade a running software system on the fly without stopping the system.

During updating, the runtime state of the modified components of the system needs to be properly transformed into a new state, so that the modified components can still correctly interact with the rest of the system.

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However, the current version of JRebel has its limits, as it does not support all kinds of code changes.