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A meticulous planner, she had already wrapped the presents, decorated the house and bought the ingredients for a Caribbean-Canadian feast: turkey, garlic ham, curry and rum cake. Just before noon, a woman came in with a two-month-old baby. Junor happily volunteered to babysit, then spent the next 20 minutes taking care of the infant while the client met with her doctor.

About an hour later, human resources sent out an all-staff email applauding Junor for tending to the baby. Then, at p.m., she took the elevator down to the Path system and walked a block southeast toward the Shoppers Drug Mart under the TD Bank Tower. Four days later, after a city-wide manhunt, the police arrested a woman who was well known on Bay Street.

Junor was the youngest of four children born to immigrant parents—her father was Trinidadian, her mother Guyanese—and she was the family’s high achiever.

She had started at Medcan in 2011 as a secretary; three years later, she was promoted to co-ordinator of an ultrasound test that screens for early signs of plaque buildup in the carotid artery, the only employee qualified to operate the machine. She had once sacrificed vacation days because she didn’t trust her replacement’s skills.

Her parents, Chandrabhan and Jasmattee, had arrived a few years earlier with their two other children—a boy, Narine, and a girl, Chandrawattee—and had left their youngest, Rohinie, in the care of a relative back in Guyana.

Once they’d settled in and scraped together some savings, they bought a three-storey brick house near Woodbine and Danforth, and Rohinie came to join the family shortly thereafter. In the mid-’80s, the Bisesars opened Sandra’s and Chico’s, a small clothing store on the Danforth a few blocks from their home that’s now sandwiched between a storefront law office and a Chinese restaurant.

She had married Baldeo “Lenny” Persaud, a machinist at a Mississauga industrial manufacturing plant, five months earlier in an elaborate wedding featuring a Hindu ceremony for his family, a Catholic ceremony for hers, and a reception for 400 at a banquet hall near Highway 7 and Weston Road.

Junor had three outfits—a red sari, a traditional white gown, and another formal dress for the reception, which Persaud had insisted on buying for her despite her protestations that it was too expensive.

Christmas was two weeks away, and Junor was looking forward to hosting 35 family members for their first Christmas in the new home.She impressed him with her curiosity and ability to make herself indispensable.“She saw what the available jobs were at York, and she immediately trained herself to do them,” says Mac Henry.Throughout, she lived at home, where she felt increasingly suffocated.Her father disapproved of her wearing makeup, despite the fact that she was by this point in her late 20s.

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As she arrived at the store, she got a phone call from a friend, who announced she’d just accepted a new job. Meanwhile, security tapes show a petite woman in a business suit and lavender dress shirt walking calmly out of the store. TERROR UNDERGROUND: On December 11, police responded to a call at the Shoppers below the TD Bank Tower.