Millionaire online dating canada

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Millionaire online dating canada

Still, when allegations of cheating began to fly around the production office in the following days, I couldn’t credit it. When our producer phoned Ingram, to say that the million-pound cheque would be cancelled, he didn’t seem surprised.Naively, it was beyond my comprehension that a Major in the British Army would stoop to dishonesty — even for a lifetime’s pay. In the tension of the studio, I hadn’t heard it — but the microphones picked up every sound. He simply said: ‘Thank you for letting me know.’Two years later, after a meticulous investigation, Charles and Diana Ingram and Tecwen Whittock were all found guilty of the deception.But this was a scheme to defraud a public company out of £1 million.Anyone who tried to steal that from a bank would be looking at a long prison sentence. As the old proverb says, ‘Cheats never prosper.’ Cough cough!Some may feel poor old Charlie Ingram has paid a high price for his ham-fisted attempt to cheat at a quiz game.Where’s the harm, you might say, in claiming you know what a googol is?

On each question, he had mulled aloud over all four possibilities. I’m sure that if Ingram had bowed out with £500,000, ITV would not have pursued the case.It is a game for gamblers, but not complete idiots.Each question comes with a multiple choice of four possible answers.To anyone planning a night in London’s West End to see Quiz, a drama based on the long-running TV series Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And to settle any doubts you might have about the character at the centre of the play, who has gone down in television folklore as ‘The Coughing Major’, he was as guilty as sin.You need to know this in advance, because I’ve seen the show, and the cast go all out to portray the central character, Major Charles Ingram, and his wife Diana as innocent parties.

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