Minister dating is liam payne dating danielle again

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What about the gossip and if the relationship gets messy?!

" "Look other places for a suitable mate, for the sake of the church don't date someone in the congregation." or at least if you are about to start dating someone in the church encourage them to change churches so the possible damage or gossip will be lessened. There are many risks to dating someone in your congregation.

Please be sensitive while he’s on consecration or preparing to minister. Don’t get mad when the Holy Ghost shifts them and the power of God is still too strong after the service and they can’t go out to eat as promised. Don’t get mad when the Lord calls them to a shut in or seclusion and they can’t even explain why they can’t talk for several days. Ya’ll ain’t married and he does not have to ask for your permission. You don’t have to call them praying everyday and laying hands to let them know you are are covering them.Introducing a preacher before the sermon is a job that is reserved for the LEGALLY married! Don’t assume you have to work altars with the preacher just because you are dating him.If they have armor bearers, you need to have a seat! You don’t have to stand at the altar and stretch your hands speaking in tongues making it obvious you are covering them in prayer. Get off the front row and stop trying to pre-fill the role! He is not obligated to acknowledge you as their significant other just because you all are dating. You have no right as a girlfriend or boyfriend to introduce your spouse when you are dating.It doesn’t matter if you think you know him better than anyone else.

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Sometimes being a silent weapon in their lives is all they need. Don’t introduce yourself to all of their exes at the services while hanging on their arm to let everyone know you are the new piece! Don’t hang over their shoulder (unless asked) after service while they are fellowshipping and possibly still under the anointing ministering to people while you are busy trying to get acknowledged. You are NOT his shield of protection against fine women!