Twitter avatars not updating updating the q system for nmt

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I also noticed that my avatar on TA is not updating either. I even tried changing mine just now, but it doesn't update for me still.Perhaps try changing the clothing items on your Avatar and then taking a new pic. The only problem I have is how to I update the full body picture?When none of these worked, I checked and realized that this behavior is .I also verified that the Games app is working correctly for my wife on the same machines where it is broken for my account.You will also have the ability to change the ribbon to demonstrate your support for a different cause, or remove the support ribbon from your avatar completely at any time.Continue reading this article to learn of the steps for adding a support ribbon of your choice to your Twitter avatar.The top 3 posters of all time are punkyliar (with 30,036 posts), Web Chimp UK (with 28,453 posts) and Spilner (with 23,203 posts).

(Naturally, if I click View Profile, the resulting page is blank and the app says it is unable to connect to Xbox Live.) At first I tried all of the published work-around and troubleshooting suggestions: syncing app licenses, uninstalling and reinstalling the Games app, modifying my Avatar's appearance on, running the Metro app troubleshooter, etc.

This suggests that this is not an issue with my local PCs, but is some problem with the app and my account.

For what it's worth, the Games hub on my Lumia 900 running Mango is working, and I can edit my avatar and Xbox Live profile via the phone.

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