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Www dating bucket org

(Note: this is the episode where Bucket has decided to admit his feelings for Kelly).

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces Skinner gets detention on a major surfing day, and Bucket tries to get detention also, only to get thanked every time.

Bucket auditions for the lead in the school musical so he can kiss Kelly while Skinner auditions to be a talking tree.

Aloe ends up getting Bucket's part instead due to his father making a large donation to the theatre. Troy Sara Bareilles returns to her hometown of Pacific Bluffs (where Bucket and Skinner live) to hold a song writing contest.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces Aloe talks Bucket into being his wingman on a double date with two seniors, but the partnership quickly turns into a battle of wills as the guys try to one-up each other to impress the girls.

Piper, banned from the prestigious spelling bee for her past aggressive behavior, ropes Skinner into competing for her.

Meanwhile, Piper gets a B on a test and gets angry at the teacher and attempts to sue him but Kelly steps in to defend him.Three Pieces leaves to go on a camping trip and Aloe takes over the surf shop due to a one-day-late rent.Skinner must surf against him in a competition to get the shop back, but his ankle gets sprained. The boys are feeling down since Skinner has an ear infection preventing him from surfing, and Bucket is annoyed that Blake & Kelly's relationship is going so well.Meanwhile, Three Pieces agrees to help Piper sound good singing in the musical using voice enhancement technology. The winning song will be featured on Sara's next album.Bucket & Skinner enter the contest and win, but when Bucket realizes he accidentally submitted the love song called Lady Brown Hair (brown hair, referring to Kelly when it was really supposed to be "Soap" the soap song).

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Meanwhile, Aloe gets hit on the head with a surfboard and thinks that he is Sven's assistant so Sven decides to boss him around for a while, until he gets hit with another surfboard.

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